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Wolf Eyes First deer of season Along the border Wolves    

Wolf Eyes

Two of Bonnie's favorite things - wolves and cats

First Deer of the Season   

From our friends at the Gunflint Pines

Sunset on the Gunflint   

Looking into Canada on the border of the BWCAW

Heading 4

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Heading 5

Wolves from Wolf Park

Heading 6


Heading 7


Heading 8


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Welcome to our corner of the world

What is Mortons Corner

Years ago in a far away state Bonnie was just learning about the internet.  Having been born and schooled all those years without a hint of what a computer was she found it extremly exciting.  Mortonscorner was developed because she wanted to learn how to do it and it is always evolving as time permits!

We are a couple who have been very privileged in our lives in that we both love to travel.  We live in deep South Texas with The Mike Thorn!  More about that on his page!

We truly have traveled so many places in the US and love the RV lifestyle. We have made so many friends along the way!  We have also visited Ireland and France.  Bonnie works part time now so we do not travel as much.  Please enjoy our photos and stories.

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